Car selection

Professional advise and support in car search and selection in Czech Republic.

I prefer cars with Czech origin since there's way to track the mileage and ownership recods.

I do avoid any suspicious offers and infamous car dealers.

Serving area - Prague and nearby cities.

  • Advise on selection of reliable car brand, model, engine etc.

  • Search for adverts by legit vendors

  • Get detailed information about cars' shape in advance to judge which one is worth checking

  • Pre-purchase inspection of a selected car (see INSPECTION service in the menu)

  • Assistance during the buying process

  • Add-on services - insurance, STK, registration

    Price list

    Flat charge for the service (up front payment)3 000 CZK
    Car inspection in Prague4 000 CZK
    Travel cost (inspection outside of Prague)10 CZK / 1 km of drive (there and back)
    Legal check (theft, leasing, credit, insolvency, seizure)FREE of CHARGE
    Check by CarFax, CarVertical, CebiaSee their current charges